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Around 32 million people live in Kenya.


Kenya is located in Eastern Africa, bordered by the Indian Ocean, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Their capital city is Nairobi.



English, Kiswahili as well as numerous indigenous languages.





It's generally sunny, dry, and not too hot for most of the year in Kenya despite being situated on the equator. The main rainy seasons are from March thru May and November thru December but the amount of rainfall varies year to year.




While listed as a "Christian" country, anything claimed that is not Muslim, Hindu or indigenous beliefs is considered Christian. This would include the Kenyan who might pray to God, then go to the Witch Doctor for healing. While many have heard the Word of God, there is little to no discipleship, resulting in little to no "doing". 



With the increasing Al Shabbaab attacks and further threats, the 2015 World Watch List ranked Kenya #19 in the world for persecution of Christians.  Pray for the church in Kenya to be strengthened with might in the inner man!!


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