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We love volunteers!​ There are two main ways that you can help: mission trips and fundraisers. Perhaps you feel led to come alongside for brothers and sisters in Christ in Kenya. Just fill out an application or contact us for more info. Others might want to see how they can help from their own "backyard". 


In the past many individuals have not only participated in our fundraising ideas, but have gone out and started their own! This is a tremendous blessing to us. 


-"Change for Africa"

  -A local childrens church raised significant funds by simply dropping change into a jug.

-Bake Sale

 -Proceeds helped Abide In Truth further minister to the people of Kisii.

Do you have an idea? Send us a message! Want to participate? Watch our social media sites to see if any fundraisers are coming up!

Mission Trip Opportunities

We currently are making plans for a late 2013 trip. Please stay tuned for more details! 

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